4 Other Creative Uses For A Seedbox

Seedboxes were made for torrenting. They’re generally distant workers with a high data transfer capacity so you can download and transfer your deluges securely and successfully. Yet, would they be able to be utilized for something besides that?

The short answer is indeed, you can change your seedbox to do an assortment of different things! It relies upon the sort of seedbox you purchase. So here are a couple of our imaginative top picks.


1. Running Applications Remotely

The best seedboxes can be set up so that you have far off access through the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) association. This implies you can access and control applications distantly from any gadget! Great on the off chance that you need to set up contents to download recordings from YouTube, arrangement admittance to your Dropbox or OneDrive, or transcode FLAC documents to Mp3 all from your telephone.

To do this, you’ll need to introduce VNC on your seedbox and VNC programming that upholds your kind of seedbox to the gadget you need to get to it from (your telephone, home PC, PC, and so on)

To acquire far off access, you’ll additionally have to know your SSH association subtleties (hostname, IP) and put that data into a SSH program (like Putty) and afterward click open. The Putty interface will at that point brief you to make a secret key.

From that point forward, you’ll need to run a vnc-restart order followed by the secret key and the showcase goal you need. For instance: vnc-restart mypassword 1920×1080.

At that point, open the VNC programming and associate with your seedbox worker – you’ll require the username and port data, at that point enter the secret word to get access. The Home organizer on the work area will contain every one of the records you need to see.

2. Making Your Own Game Server

You can set up your own special game worker with the privilege seedbox arrangement. To have the option to do this, you should get a devoted seedbox choice with root SSH access on the grounds that else, you will not have the option to set up the worker and introduce every one of the necessary records and information.

To guarantee your game worker functions admirably, you need to check the framework necessities of the game first! In the event that your seedbox is too frail, the game will not work, so a committed seedbox is your smartest choice. As you have the entire worker to yourself and will not need to impart figuring assets to anybody.

For instance, for a Minecraft worker, you’ll need the most recent Java update before you download their worker documents and introduce them. The greater part of the establishment is programmed, and the solitary thing you’ll have to do with regards to coding is finding the eula.txt record and change the eula=false line to eula=true. For cutting edge clients who need to change various settings, there’s an incredible asset on the wiki page.

Note that some seedbox suppliers don’t permit facilitating of any sorts of game workers, so it’s ideal to check their strategies or send a request prior to picking a seedbox bargain. The most widely recognized explanation suppliers are against this sort of facilitating is that it takes up such a large number of assets or expands the danger of DDoS assaults.

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3. Simple Media Streaming

Change your home into a media focus by incorporating a Plex media worker (or like) your seedbox. This implies you can arrangement your seedbox to stream your entire media library – films, TV shows, and music records – straightforwardly from the seedbox without downloading any of them.

As of late numerous seedbox suppliers have begun to bring to the table Plex mixes on their workers normally, yet these can be a smidgen more costly. All things being equal, you can do this all alone.

To start with, you’ll need to set up a Plex.tv account on their site.

At that point, you need to get to your seedbox through the web interface (by means of program) and go to a rundown of installable applications. There, find the Plex Media Server and introduce it. Ordinarily, it’s a single tick introduce. There will be a popup to guarantee a created code for your establishment.

Utilize the code to interface your Plex Media Server with your Plex.tv username. After the introduce is done, open the new establishment and login with your Plex.tv account.

Significant: You need to have your records in the correct organizers for Plex to peruse them appropriately, for example Motion pictures, TV, Music. You can move documents with ruTorrent on the off chance that you have it, or FTP customer like FileZilla.

Since you’ll be utilizing documents that aren’t on your neighborhood organization, you will require a SSH passage to see them locally. Plex.tv support article discloses how to set it up under “On a Different Network.”

4. Facilitating Your Own Voice Server

You can utilize the seedbox to introduce administrations like your own special talk worker, or even a voice worker like TeamSpeak. Having TeamSpeak facilitated on a quick worker will guarantee it never over-burdens with such a large number of clients, as you’ll have a lot of transfer speed for all clients who interface with it. To do this, you’ll additionally require a seedbox with root access so you can have the TeamSpeak worker documents there. The main thing is to check with your seedbox supplier whether you have the correct standards. For instance:

There must be one unregistered case of their worker programming per worker. On the off chance that you are on a VPS/shared seedbox alternative with SSH root access, odds are that another client on the worker is now utilizing it. All things considered, you can either buy a committed seedbox worker or get a TeamSpeak permit to have the option to utilize it on a common worker.

Today, seedboxes are considerably more than simply a safe torrenting choice. You can utilize them to store your documents, media, set up distant access and your own personal media worker or a game worker. The significant thing is to get a seedbox with root access that upholds every one of the conventions you’ll require for this kind of arrangement.

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